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The official list of Rules

A panel of judges will be selecting the Top 5 "Sexiest Costumes" out of all participants. The GRAND PRIZE is an ALL EXPENSES PAID* breast augmentation surgery provided by Castellano Cosmetic Surgery. Once the Top 5 contestants are picked, we will be posting their pictures on our Tangra Instagram account, the contestant with the most likes and comments after 7 days will be declared the winner of the GRAND PRIZE.

The contestants must fit the following criteria:



* Must have purchased a VIP ticket to the event.

* Must be 21 years or older.

* Not currently have implants.

* Enter the contest at your own risk.

* There will be a total of 20 contestants.

* 20 Finalists will be contacted 5 days before the event. 

* All pictures that are taken during this event are the property of Tangra Nightclub and will be used for promotional purposes.

* Tangra Nightclub is not responsible or liable for any events happening pre, during, or post-surgery.

* Pass the medical exam and initial consultation with Dr. Castellano to be cleared to have surgery (Consultation cost is included in the prize.)

* Cannot be associated with Tangra or the Castellano Cosmetic surgery brands.

* There will be a limit on the size of the implants (Established during the consultation.)

* Other rules and restrictions will apply according to the surgeon's orders after the initial consultation.

* By entering the contest you agree to all terms and conditions posted here and the ones provided by the surgeon.

*Prescribed Pain drugs are not included post-surgery.




Tangra Nightclub reserves ALL RIGHTS to select the participants we find more fit to enter the contest to limit the number of contestants to 20.

By submitting an application you are accepting all terms and rules of the contest.

Thank you for your application!